Monday, 9 June 2014

Not The Good Weekend

It was terrible. Both of us had food poisoning. It must be the asparagus that we ate. It's home cooked by the way. The colour had turned to pale green, so I thought it was still OK to cook it. I guess not.
I felt uneasy after lunch. My stomach kind of bloated and Mr. Fruitheart felt groggy and bloated at the same time. The worse day was Sunday. We kept on going in and out the toilet for more than 10 times. Exhausting!
And it was so challenging when both of my girls were uncontrollable. They wanted their attention when their parents just want to lay down, rest and sleep.
Today it was a bit OK for me although my tummy still bloated. But Mr. Fruitheart still has to go in and out the toilet. My poor hubby. And the only food that we wish to eat now is the McD porridge.
P/S: I should do the clean up to my fridge.

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