Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Food Review: Ramadhan Buffet at PICC

This year we chose PICC at Putrajaya for our family break fasting. It is a must for all of us to spend just one night during Ramadhan to gather together. Since it was held on weekends, I do not have to take leave.

We left the house at 6.00PM. 30 mins drive to PICC. Free parking. Good to know. PICC is HUGE! I can't take much pictures, outing with a baby and toddler.. need to pay more attention to them.



I really like their Chicken Briyani. I took one scoop of briyani rice, topped it with it's sauce and dalca. Delicious! Took little bit of each 'kerabu', I just love 'kerabu' a lot so I have to taste every one of it. Yes, it's tasty.


Yes, 'Kawah Berapi' they called it. Variety of food.

Gerai ABC. It's a long queue and I hate to wait. So no ABC for me that day. Beside it is the 'gerai putu piring'. Long queue too.


They also have 'kambing bakar' which I couldn't take picture. The queue was way too long. There here were also satay, fruits, pasta and chicken rice corner. Taste and took little of each, cannot eat too much. I was surprised to see a table that is so full with foods on their plate.

The rare food kiddo chose. Spaghetti bolognese. Yeah, that food cannot beat his mother's cooking it seems. Profesional chef vs mom's cooking.

With the price we have to pay, I would say it is worth it. For adult it's RM80, children above 5 is RM40. Alhamdulillah, kenyang.

Peace yo!

Oh I forgot to mention, they also have lucky draw prize for all guests.. duit raya RM3000, other prizes worth of RM10K - LED TV 40', Samsung Note 3 and many more. The result will only be announced on the first week of Syawal on their facebook page - Facebook PICC.

P/S: Definitely will come again next year insyAllah.

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