Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My Kuih Raya Selection

Hari Raya celebration is not complete without kuih raya. This year, I bought my kuih raya online. And yes, delivered by hand. I wish I had time to make kuih raya on my own. I missed those times when I was little, my siblings and I helped my mom baked cookies. I believe I can do that when both my girls are big enough to understand hot stove and sharp knife.

Yesterday, my first batch of kuih raya delievered to my house. Ehem.. special delivery! HEHE.

Ordered from shazmoha_mdp (instagram). These kuih raya are from orange inai resources. I ordered 2 Berry Crush, 2 Chunky Choc Chips and 2 Melting Semperit. I've tested before I placed my orders and yes they're yummy. Mr. Fruitheart loves the chunky choc chips while kiddo, he loves semperit the most. I have a feeling before 1st Syawal, the jar will be empty.

I got my second batch of kuih raya today. Blueberry cheese tart which I loved so much. Ordered online too from My Lovely Tart. Here is my post about it 2 years ago They Couldn't Make Until Raya

I have to hide all my kuih raya. My project tonight when all of them sleep.

P/S: Baju raya, kuih raya, duit raya.. complete. Kasut raya? Pakai saja apa yang ada.

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