Thursday, 17 July 2014

TAWC - Make Ahead Meal End of Ramadhan Month

It's 19th of Ramadhan. We're going to meet Syawal in 10 days. That was fast. And on last Tuesday was Public Holiday in Malaysia due to the Nuzul Quran. I decided to make my once a week meal. 2 hours of sweating, screaming and praying for my meal to taste good. Puasa kan.. rasa makanan takkan sama dan dengan nak melayan kerenah anak-anak yang aktif itu adalah sangat mencabar.

My upper freezer is full again. Yay! I bought my fresh produce at the TTDI market early morning when everyone were sleeping. Did my shopping for 40 mins and spent RM70. Not bad. Why me and Mr. Fruitheart found it expensive when we first bought from there last time? No idea.

So I made ayam paprik dengan kacang panjang dan lobak, kari daging dengan kentang, sayur bayam bening and kangkung goreng. I bought fish, washed it and marinated to make it easier for me to cook later on some other day. Oh by the way, is RM10 for bawal hitam expensive? It's big. No right. I know I should've bought it.

I managed to get 4 packs of ayam paprik, 3 packs of kari daging and 4 packs of bayam. That could last for 2 weeks as usual. I had kangkung goreng for break fasting and sahur. Nice home made meal.

Sometimes I envy my girlfirends who has time to cook after they reached home. With kids some more. I cannot concentrate my cooking when my girls are crying and need attention. That is why I opt for once a week cooking. A good invention to full time working mother and housewife like ME.

P/S: I used to dislike cooking when I was young.. ehem teenager.

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