Friday, 4 July 2014

Online Shopping at

I was reading other people's blog which followed and stumbled upon Maria Elena's page. Her title post is pasti terliur.

And I thought it was about FOOD. Tett! Wrong. It was about her experience shopping at Since she mentioned the word 'CHEAPER', I decided to have a look at it.

Yes, IT IS CHEAPER. I only have RM200 to spend for Raya and I bought 5 pairs of clothes. Weeee! Total spent RM128.60. My parcel arrived yesterday after it failed at first attempt because there was nobody at home. Actually there was. Heh.

My target is to buy clothes, tudung and shoe with RM200. Let's see if I can do it and accept my husband's challenge. Go! Go! Fara!

P/S: Say YES to spend within budget and wisely during Raya.

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