Thursday, 7 August 2014

Daycare for My Girls

After the maid issue, I had asked my third sister to look after my girls for about 2 months. After she had started her new job, we asked my MIL to look after my girls with the help from my brother in law helper until we found a spot in daycare. It is not an issue for my second daughter who is 2 years old, the issue is with my small baby since all daycare we found is full.

We had to urgently find a daycare after my MIL and my brother in law helper not able to look after my girls. So, both of us went to Danau Kota and TTDI to look for daycare. We found one in Danau Kota which previously is full and now they have a slot for baby. Lega mak!

And after full consideration and hard thinking, we agreed to send both girls to Taska Manja Ibu. Teacher Zaiton is the person in charge and she is so friendly which I hope my girls would be OK with her. We sent both girls on Tuesday, surprisingly both didn't cry.. merengek sikit-sikit saja. The only person who cried was ME! I am so sad and at that moment itself, I had this mummy guilt of not taking care my own kids.

Teacher Zaiton keep on updating me about the girls when I was at work. I felt relief knowing they were OK, cry a little here and there which was normal she said. My second daughter didn't want to go back when we picked her up after work. She enjoyed the swing and slides. Oh boy. And my baby girl, she cried like no one business when she saw me at the door. It was like she's trying to say, "WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME HERE WITH STRANGERS?? DON'T YOU LOVE ME?? That kind of cry and look.

On the second day, both cried out loud until I had to stay for a while when they were in the baby cot. My second daughter will always be with her baby sister in the morning in the same small cot. She did like what we told her, take care her baby sister. Good girl.

And today, my second daughter doesn't want to go to the daycare. She told us she wants to go to her grandma's house. We told her we can go in the evening when we pick her up and she gave me the tantrum. I called my MIL and let her talk with her grandma. That should keep her calm for a while. Yes, she was a OK when we reached the daycare. Both cried after we give them to the teacher. And with heavy heart I left them soon as they were inside. The longer I stay, the longer they will cry and the longer I have this mummy guilt with me.

P/S: I hope they will stay in this daycare as long as they are OK. Sorry girls, mummy has a detour and delay in becoming a fulltime housewife.

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