Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Unwell Children

My girls has coughing and flu after first week of Aidilfitri. It has not lessen until today. Both of them also has fever since last Saturday.

Baby girl has recovered from fever but still having cough and flu. While her big sister still having high fever. Her temp is around 37-39'C. The highest was 39.8! How that not make us worried.

We brought her to the hospital yesterday and Doc Lee had given her the med which she put through her butt hole. (I don't remember the name)

It was easy giving baby girl her meds, but not with her big sister. She screamed like she's being beaten. We need 2 person to hold her. And what's worse? She vomitted after that. What a waste.

My kiddo has flu. He must've have gotten it from his sisters. I hope they will recover soon and I hope it was just a normal fever and not something else.

P/S: Worried!

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