Wednesday, 10 September 2014

After One Month at Daycare

I am still having this mummy guilt whenever we sent our girls to the daycare. Even after one month. Is it normal? Will it go away soon? Both my girls were still crying each time we sent them. Gosh, and the look on my second daughter's face.. I can't get it out of my mind. Those big teary eyes and sad face. I will cry when she said, "Nanti mama balik." (You will come back?")


I can't fully concentrate on what I'm doing at my work. I always checked on my phone, looked at my children's picture. How I wish I am at home taking care of them on my own. I have a lot to let out, seriously.. but it will only be there trapped inside my mind, heart and mouth. There's one night I cried until I sleep.

It has been one month now. My second daughter refuse to eat at her daycare. I cooked and packed her favourite meal and she still doesn't eat. The teacher doesn't know why, me either. Was she not happy? Was she afraid? When the teacher asked her if she wants to eat, she said.. it's OK. She will eat at home. She only drinks her milk. My baby girl on the other hand, eat what I prepared. Not all, but at least she eats. I know my daughters eat a lot, but when she doesn't eat.. I am not happy.

Mr. Fruitheart said I'm a paranoid mother. Yes, I admit it. I know he is worried too, but as a mother and woman.. I worried more than him. I also cannot help myself from being over paranoid. You such an over worried woman Fara!

P/S: Plan.

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