Monday, 8 September 2014

Girls Mini Play Area

Last 2 weeks we went to Ikea. It has been one of our favourite place to hang out. We didn't plan to buy anything actually, except surveying around the price and what to add to the house.
Since Mr. Fruitheart has been given a new task, read that as MORE WORK and need to work different time zone, he moved the computer to the girls room. He made the old place as their new mini play area. He bought a carpet and the additional pink box for their toys. Not a bad idea. Usually they play in front of the TV which annoyed their big brother. Their parents can never get to watch their favourite show whenever they are at home. It is always BabyTV, Disneychannel and Cartoon Network. Mama is bored!
So far they were all happy with the new mini play area. No one making a mess in front of the TV anymore. Good to know that mama didn't have to yell or stepped on the toys. While their big brother has his own room and his toys were kept away from his sisters. Oh he got a new carpet too. He is the happiest and lucky boy that day. Oh that's what he said to us.

Image credit to Ikea
P/S: I wish for a landed house with at least 4 rooms. Genie, do you hear me?

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