Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My Failed Homemade Pizza

Last weekend we don't have plan to go out so I decided to make pizza. I bought the ready made pizza flour from local grocery store. I just need to add water and yeast. Thank goodness it came with instructions on the box, or else I will have problem to do it. Plus, I didn't buy any yeast and you know what, it was included in the box. Good one!

OK, for the toppings I added pepperoni, shredded chicken and cheese. For the sauce, I used Prego traditional sauce. I do not have pizza sauce by the way. Maybe I should make one on my own.

And here was what it looked like. I baked it using my pemanggang AJAIB.

Forgetful me, I should have added the sauce first before adding all other toppings. Look at the picture, it does look ugly. My sister said it looked like ayam masak merah. Boo hoo hoo. Mr. Fruitheart said, it taste OK but the dough was a bit thick. Oh well, it was my first time. I shall improve after this. I told myself, I should buy the ready made pizza base. I just need to put the sauce, toppings and baked only.
P/S: I'm on my way there to be the professional master chef for my family.

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