Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Our 2 Night Stay at the Hospital

We had a little hard time for the past few weeks. It was not good at all. It started out with my second daughter who had cough, flu and fever. Then Mr. Fruitheart had it, soon after that my baby girl and lastly my son. Their fever, coughing and flu were on and off.

The ultimate challenge was when my baby girl got admitted to the hospital for 2 days. Her temperature was so high between 39-40'C even though I've given her medicine. We were so worried when she cough and her vomit mixed with blood. That's it, Mr. Fruitheart said we have to bring her to the hospital. She also has red eyes and that makes her right eye smaller than the left eye.

After checking, Doc said she needs to be admitted for further diagnosis.

The heart breaking moment - 10 minutes of torture to the heart. I can't hold my tears and cried. My poor baby.

They took her blood for testing to check if there is any sign of dengue fever or Influenza H1N1. Alhamdulillah syukur, it was negative. She had bacterial infection that caused her throat to be red and the high fever. Her nose was also bleeding from the sneezing.

She is active even though she had her hands wrapped with bandage. She was super cranky because she had difficulty moving around. She even pulled the dripped wire from her hands few times. When they opened the drip for a while, I took her for a walk around the ward. I know she enjoyed it so much. Yeah, she was bored. Each time the nurse came in, she cried because she knew it was medicine time and she doesn't want them to touch her hand.

Baby, mama is so sorry you have to through all this now. You know mama always have this mom guilt whenever something bad happen to you and your siblings. It's not that I don't love you, I do.. with all my heart.

P/S: I love you, abang Syahmie and kakak Arissa so much.

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