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Her Long Lost Hobby

I don't remember when was the last time I actually read a good book. I love books. I used to have lots of novels or story books to read. Long time ago I can finish reading a book in 2 hours without any disturbance.

Now that 2 hours of free time I usually used to fold clothes, sleep, lying down.. which ever suits me best that time. Last Friday I went to Kinokuniya and bought a new book. After so long. Last time I bought books was when they had Big Bad Wolf which I believe last year.

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I googled the Most Popular Books Published In 2014 in Goodreads. Caught my eye on the book title We Were Liars on number 2.

A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.

We Were Lia…

Handsome Husband Who Cook Roasted Chicken

Geez, look at the title Fara. Isk! Isk! Ehem.. well sometimes there is need to compliment your own husband.

This was on the Deepavali holiday last week when Mr. Fruitheart decided to test his cooking skills again. This also means, no cooking for me. Yay! I gotta tell you, it turns out he CAN cook. His iPad mini on right playing the video "How to make roasted chicken". And he followed every single instructions the lady told him.

They said the fastest way to a man's heart is through his tummy. So when it is them doing the cooking, the fastest way to a woman's heart is of course through the heart. One way to woo your wife. Learn guys, learn!

Finished it all in less than 20 mins. We were hungry plus the smell was so nice and delicious.

Rosemary leaf
Olive oil

Directions? Please google it, or you-tube it. HEHE. It's all there.

P/S: This kind of dishes are so easy. I really should ask him to cook more often.

Foodgasm Festival 2.0 at Tmn. Rimba Kiara TTDI on 12th Oct

My outstanding entry on our last weekend activity. As I mentioned on the title, this food event was organised by Rock + Tulips Associates on the 12th October from 10am - 10pm. It was held at Taman Rimba Kiara, TTDI. We reached the place at around 1030am and there were already lots of people. Malaysians, we love FOOD!

It was our first time having a picnic in the park. I have always wanted to do this, but there will always reasons and excuses of not doing it. HEHE. And, my in laws also have joined the fun. Weather was not that good that day, hazy and hot. Despite that, it doesn't stopped people from coming and having fun.

I had planned to sit under the little tent provided by Dakota Dearest. They set up a few and there were already patrons under each tent. Knowing my husband too well, he hate waiting and standing there staring at those people until they finished. So we looked for another picnic spot.

Image credit to foodgasmfest instagram.
I have been scrolling the pictures of food vend…

Favourite Quote of The Week #42 - Sensitive

“Sensitive people are the most genuine and honest people you will ever meet. There is nothing they won’t tell you about themselves if they trust your kindness. However, the moment you betray them, reject them or devalue them, they become the worse type of person. Unfortunately, they end up hurting themselves in the long run. They don’t want to hurt other people. It is against their very nature. They want to make amends and undo the wrong they did. Their life is a wave of highs and lows. They live with guilt and constant pain over unresolved situations and misunderstandings. They are tortured souls that are not able to live with hatred or being hated. This type of person needs the most love anyone can give them because their soul has been constantly bruised by others. However, despite the tragedy of what they have to go through in life, they remain the most compassionate people worth knowing, and the ones that often become activists for the broken hearted, forgotten and the misundersto…

Your Age Group

I registered myself as one of the new member in Makchic and Mama at Work.

How I wish I can forever select the 21-25 age group. When your child grows up, so is your age. Each day is a new challenging day for me. I have to equipped myself with the latest info, latest technology, latest terms and acronyms. Today I learned (#TIL), that #LO is for Little One and not leftover. HEHE.

I gotta admit, calling me Acik, Makcik.. sounds so olddddddddddddd.. Please call me aunty. Sedap sikit dengar.*tangan di dada mata ke atas*. Like my second daughter said.. Omaigad and put her hands on her shoulder.

P/S: I need to tell myself, I am getting wiser and not older. Sedapkan hati.

Hunting For A New Daycare

Happy Monday peeps! We are getting closer into the middle of October. In 2 days my baby girl will be 11 months old. Yep, like seriously.

I am still looking for a registered, affordable, convenient daycare for my daughters in Tmn. Tun Dr. Ismail. Few weeks back, we received a daycare brochure - Cherry Groove Child Care Centre. It is really near to our house and I told Mr. Fruitheart I will call them and ask about the fee structure. Mr. Fruitheart said, it could be around RM1000 a month considering that we are staying in the 'Tmn. Tun neighbourhood'. I emailed them instead.

Info as of 23rd Sept:
Full Day programme
730am-730pm(Mon-Fri), 8am-2pm(Sat)
Infant Group - RM1500
Nursery - RM1250

Half Day programme
8am-1pm OR 2pm-7pm (Mon-Fri),8am-2pm(Sat)
Infant Group - not available
Nursery - RM850

If I am going to send one child, then yes I will consider enrolling my child there. So, I have to continue looking for another daycare.

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Favourite Poem of The Week #41 - By Your Side

No matter where we go
or the distance in between
I'll always be here for you
I hope you can be there for me
Everything we've had to go through
and everything still to come
I hope we can still stay friends
and help keep each other strong
You know I'll always be by your side
if you need a helping hand
don't be afraid to ask
you know you always can.
Anonymous Source: P/S: To my best friend, I will always be your shoulder to cry on.

The Mother and His 10 Year Old

What does a day in the life of an average 10-year-old look like? Wakes up at 6 am and get ready to school. Spent 6 hours in morning school, rest at daycare while waiting for afternoon school session. Spent another 3 hours. Reached home around 6.30pm, watched fave TV shows, have dinner, complete homework and sleep at 9pm.

Well that is how my 10 year old boy routine on week days. Today, we have one of those morning where he decided to "LET'S GIVE EACH OTHER AN ATTITUDE" kind of start.

Everything is not right on my 10 year old eyes. He was grumpy, gave me the face, talks back at me, stumped his feet.. you name it. I had to deal with that for 30 mins. I have to keep on reminding myself, don't lose your cool and he's just testing my patience. I do not want to yell at him which I know it doesn't help. And I know I have to deal with my children's attitude for the rest of my life. I need and should read A LOT of parenting tips.

Another thing, what was his friends th…