Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Mother and His 10 Year Old

What does a day in the life of an average 10-year-old look like? Wakes up at 6 am and get ready to school. Spent 6 hours in morning school, rest at daycare while waiting for afternoon school session. Spent another 3 hours. Reached home around 6.30pm, watched fave TV shows, have dinner, complete homework and sleep at 9pm.

Well that is how my 10 year old boy routine on week days. Today, we have one of those morning where he decided to "LET'S GIVE EACH OTHER AN ATTITUDE" kind of start.

Everything is not right on my 10 year old eyes. He was grumpy, gave me the face, talks back at me, stumped his feet.. you name it. I had to deal with that for 30 mins. I have to keep on reminding myself, don't lose your cool and he's just testing my patience. I do not want to yell at him which I know it doesn't help. And I know I have to deal with my children's attitude for the rest of my life. I need and should read A LOT of parenting tips.

Another thing, what was his friends thinking when they asked him to open a Facebook account? My son is so influenced by his friends and I feel like punching them on the face.. HARD. He claimed that almost all his friends has Facebook account and their parents allowed them to have. So be it. Let them have it. I was furious of course. I told him, he won't be getting any social media account until he is 18 years old. The end.

Yeah, I get the LOOK and face. Not only from my elder son.. my elder daughter and soon my baby girl too. Parenthood has never been joyful ey.

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P/S: I bought him Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Will I get.. "Mama, today is my lucky day."?

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