Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Your Age Group

I registered myself as one of the new member in Makchic and Mama at Work.

How I wish I can forever select the 21-25 age group. When your child grows up, so is your age. Each day is a new challenging day for me. I have to equipped myself with the latest info, latest technology, latest terms and acronyms. Today I learned (#TIL), that #LO is for Little One and not leftover. HEHE.

I gotta admit, calling me Acik, Makcik.. sounds so olddddddddddddd.. Please call me aunty. Sedap sikit dengar. *tangan di dada mata ke atas*. Like my second daughter said.. Omaigad and put her hands on her shoulder.

P/S: I need to tell myself, I am getting wiser and not older. Sedapkan hati.

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