Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Children's Babysitter

One of the challenges we have is to find babysitter for our kids when we have to go out without them. Usually when I watched those Hollywood movies, they have babysitter service when even a 12 or 13 year old can babysit. But I doubt we have that in Malaysia.

I called my brothers and asked them to help look after my children. They agreed. Just because they love their nephew and nieces too much. And my children loves them too. The smiling face and yes-I-can-do-anything-without-mommy-around-to-yell kind of happiness.

I always pray for my children to be well behaved and thank God they didn't make any trouble like crying non-stop or making huge mess. They made their favourite uncles life easy. Of course I checked on them every hour and my brother posted pictures, and told us what they did bla bla bla.. Report is important. HAHA. So the mother not worried and can eat peacefully.


Both pictures were taken when they were at my parents house. We went to the hospital to visit my mother on last weekend. And below were pictures taken when both of us attending Mr. Fruitheart's company dinner.

Our second daughter as usual was the last one to sleep. This time in front of the TV. There will be next time.

P/S: Counting days to send 'THE LETTER'. Full of hope.

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