Monday, 17 November 2014

She Had Chickenpox and The New Found Remedy

I have little time to update my blog. Gosh! How busy and time flies so fast these days.

Alhamdulillah, baby girl's birthday and aqiqah went well last Saturday. I will post update about it soon. And it just has to happen a week before her 1st birthday, she had chickenpox. I saw some red spots looked like rashes on her tummy. And I thought it was nothing. On the next morning, I saw more red spots on her legs, thighs and hands. Definitely chickenpox Mr. Fruitheart said. *Cries*

So I worked from home the whole week to take care of her and keep on praying her big sister or brother would not get infected. Yes, they had it before. But, they can have it again. On the second day, Mr. Fruitheart's boss in UK told him to mix warm water with brown vinegar when we bath baby girl. Now where do I get those? I Googled and found this:

No brown vinegar, but brown rice vinegar. I told myself, sama la tu.

Thank God Mr. Fruitheart found it at Jaya Grocer in the organic section. RM15.90. Phew! And after 3 days, her red spots lessen and by Friday just before her birthday celebration, no more red spots. Yay! Works well, wonderdul! Yes, and she smells like potato chips for few days. I feel like munching her. HAHA. And, the bad side of it of course our bathroom stinks.

The traditional way, my older relatives told me to find 'daun semambu'. I remember when I was little my parents used to gave me that. But where I can find here in KL? So, in the future I know what to do and suggest to other parents.

P/S: I love this new finding and solution.

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