Friday, 12 December 2014

A Trip To Aquaria KLCC

Come December school holidays we are always out of ideas what to do. Pity our son who sometimes complaint.. more to always said he is bored. We are supposed to have mini holiday in Penang but had to cancel it last minute due to work matter.

So, to kill our boredom we decided to bring the kids to Aquaria. Kiddo and girl had been there. It is baby girl turn to have a closer look at those big fishes.


Rania, there's a big shark above you! She is more interested on the arowana.

My 2 other siblings joined us. Girl doesn't want to sit inside her stroller and she is not light. Boleh lenguh pinggang dukung dia. Overall, all of us enjoyed our short trip to Aquaria although we are seeing the same fish.

P/S: Next trip, KL Bird Park.

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