Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Reminiscing the Year 2014

In 15 days, 2014 will come to an end. Whoosh! Time flies super fast now. I can say this year has been very different for us. We had the best of the best and worse of the worse.

Let's start with the good stuff shall we?
My girls finally has adapted themselves at the new daycare. Once in a while until today, baby girl sometimes cry when we dropped her off. She will be fine, Mr. Fruitheart told me every single time.

My boy finally gone for circumcision. He is a small man now and  I am very proud of his bravery, yes he did cried for little time. He also has his frist time away from us attending school holiday camp recently. He had fun. I am so gald he did!

We had so much fun in Legoland during our holiday in May. Staying in the Legoland Hotel for the first time. My children really enjoyed their stay there. And it will be the only holiday we had for this year.

So here we are.. the not good ones:
My beloved mother passed away last month. She has been ill for the past few months. The feeling of losing her is indescribable. And the frustration of handling with insurance claim.. hmm.. I hate it.

Mr. Fruitheart's IT department has been outsourced. Which means, I have to hold my decision to quit. I was this close to be happy staying at home with my children, and now this. He has been offered with another position, so there is still hope for me. Yes, there is. And I shall stand to the decision that I've made.

I hope for a better day every day. *SMILE*.

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