Monday, 15 December 2014

When It Comes to Food

This is what happened when one of your family member is good at cooking.. even better if one of them is a Chef!

Home made sausage pizza

My BIL made sausage pizza. Yes it tasted so good! And he also made roasted chicken, unfortunately since the smell was so nice and it taste delicious.. I didn't have the chance to take any pictures. It went straight to the tummy. OK, kalah KR dan AYAMAS. HAHA.

He was so excited making food for all of us after my father bought a new oven for the house. So, without wasting time.. he showed us his cooking skill. He proved to us that he is a good cook! And the happiest tummy goes to.. Mr. Fruitheart and of course my sister who is pregnant. She has a very happy baby in her tummy enjoying his father's cooking.

P/S: I surrender.

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