Tuesday, 6 January 2015

2015 Personal Commandments

It sounds the same like resolution huh? I don't have any new year resolution since 2010. I wrote this personal commandments in Dec 2010. My Eleven Personal Commandments. OH MY GOD! I haven't had any new ones for almost 4 years. I might have few resolution this year - saving, continue study and attend cooking class (Like seriously Fara?) And I am also updating my new personal commandments.
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Face each problem as it comes.
I can only handle it one at a time anyway, right?

Be a good listener.
Sometimes I am so bad at listening especially with my children.

Count my blessings and appreciate.

ME time.
A few minutes for myself is not a selfish act, right? Gotta love myself more.

P/S: Live beneath our means.

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