Thursday, 29 January 2015

365 Days Smoke Free

I am so proud of my husband right now. Today is his 365 days smoke free. Yay! He finally made it. One of his resolution and health achievement.

He admit that it was hard to do it. When we have a habit, it become harder for us to stop doing it especially the bad ones. But with determination and courage, he made it. And today, being a the good wife I treat him for lunch.

We had our little celebration with a colleague joined us at Ben's KLCC. Everyone has been asking what's his secret. One of my friend even tagged his husband on the status I posted so his husband can see that yes people can quit smoking. HAHA.

All I can say is hard work, high determination and a lot of encouragement from your partner. (Yeah, that statement!)

For my husband, when he decided to quit smoking he did it slowly. 2 or 3 ciggie a day. Once he can control, 1 ciggie a day. Not long after that no ciggie on any day. And at the same time, he started working out. That is to distract him from thinking about smoking. You need to find an activity. He mentioned whenever he is stressed out the urge to smoke is so high. So back home, he went to the gym and let it all out there. Different people different kind of ways he said.

Today, he is slimmer with 75KG and smoke free man! He is planning to get 70KG. I know he can do it. Like he always did.

P/S: Appreciation.