Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Killing Temptation

I have this problem which I know most of us do - temptation. Especially when it comes to "THINGS". The one thing I desire now is iPhone 6. Heck, that's not new.. duhhh.

Let me ask you, how do you actually kill a temptation? How do you make something not be as tempting as they are? Can you simply not give in after long time?

Mr. Fruitheart is also very interested in iPhone 6 Plus. We've been in and out of the store couple of times. But every time, we managed to NOT BUY it. Bravo to us.. for now.
And today we had this conversation about iPhone 6 again. Mr. Fruitheart has been into the Maxis website I do not know for how many times and looked at the plans they offered. It is obviously tempting he said, because he kept opening it. HAHA.

We made a deal which I know he is weak at it - seeing the money lessen. As agreed, we paid extra for our credit card and thank GOD.. we only have less than RM500 to pay for next month. I am still happy because we managed to cover all our expenses, paid our bills, add our emergency savings and still have unallocated money. Alhamdulillah. An achievement I am proud of my husband for managing our financial very well this time. HEHE.

It is just not about iPhone. There are other things I want. Ahh.. WANT vs NEEDS. Where are you good articles about managing your WANTS vs NEEDS when you need one??

P/S: We are still getting the iPhone 6 by the way, just not today. Heh.

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