Monday, 5 January 2015

Our Short Stay and Outing During New Year

I haven't been into the office for almost a week. Heh, like it's something new. HAHA. I love it when I am not the office. Like I said, "some things just aren't enjoyable anymore."

We had our first short stay for 1 night at Royale Chulan Damansara. Just near home and about 10 mins drive. Plus, it is within our budget. We wanted the children to have some fun outside of home. Yes, all my 3 children loves to stay at the hotel. My girl has been asking us why we stayed there and where we are going. While my baby girl, she enjoyed exploring the room and played hide and seek behind the curtains.

Yeah, mommy doesn't allow them to play hide and seek behind the curtains at home.

As I was recovering from my tonsillitis and little wounds near my nose and on my mouth, I had to cover it using the face mask. Leceh betul la! Mr. Fruitheart remind me, it's all from Allah and I should not whine. If I remembered it correctly, I had my last fever few years back. 2 years ago? Sekali sakit, ha teruk kau dia bagi.

I didn't had the chance to snap pictures of the hotel. Only few pictures of the family.

They admire the huge and small Christmas tree everywhere. Above were the ones at the hotel lobby.
Boy just love the Lego shop at eCurve. Who doesn't?

We had a good lunch at Bubba Gump. It was challenging to have a baby and a toddler on the table. They won't sit still. After lunch, we checked in at the hotel at 2PM. A nice big room facing another building. HEHE. No beach or garden view. Concrete walls.

We rest for an hour and later on did a little shopping for children. Where else, OU. We had Subway and sushi for dinner. They were asleep by 11PM. Phew!
Family pose after breakfast.

So the next day, after checked out we went to KL Bird Park.

Lots of peacock.

Love birds.

We sure have lots of fun especially our children. Even for a short time. They just need to be close to their parents.

Daddy, you may kiss me when I'm little. Not in front of my friends. I have a reputation, OK?
P/S: Next will be Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel. InsyAllah.

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