Thursday, 15 January 2015

School Homework

There are times I had to pinch myself to realize that I have a son who is going to be a teenager. This year he is 11 years old. What the heck? Didn't I just gave birth to him in 2004? Hoi Fara! That was long time ago. You gave birth recently in 2013. You have 3 kids.

Now since he is in standard 5, he noticed that his homework is no longer getting easy. He told me he needs to concentrate doing his homework because he is in the first class. *roll eyes* And he even told us to quickly send him to Cambridge class. His English teacher told the students they need to speak in full English during the lesson. Panic attack.

The day before he had difficulties in solving his Bahasa Melayu homework. He asked me and I said I do not know.

"Didn't you go to school and learn this before?"

How dare he? Grrrr! I told him I left standard 5 for 23 years. I don't even remember what I learned for algebra! Until now I do not know which part of my life that algebra applies.

He laughed at me and said.. "Mom, you're getting old."
Yes son I do realized that. Thank you for reminding me.

We are living in the IT world aren't we? So I googled the answer. Yeah google helped me a lot in finding answers to boy's homework. How am I supposed to remember and know what Kata Sendi is? Or what is Imbuhan Pinjaman? If it is Maths and English, yes I do not need google much. I may need to buy extra book for Tatabahasa Bahasa Melayu later on.

P/S: Maybe if I am a BM teacher it wouldn't be so hard isn't it? Heh.

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