Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Self-assessment Quiz About Yourself

I love to take quiz. Just before I start my work today, I did some 10 minutes quiz about myself. Maybe you should try to, for fun. :)
Here is the link:

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According to your answers, your dominant Tendency is Upholder.
Upholders respond readily to both outer and inner expectations: they meet deadlines and keep New Year’s resolutions without much struggle or supervision.
Upholders take great satisfaction from moving smoothly through their daily schedule and their to-do lists. They meet others’ expectations — and their expectations for themselves.
However, Upholders may feel uneasy when expectations aren’t clear, when they’re worried that they’re breaking the rules, or when they feel overwhelmed by expectations they seek to meet.
They enjoy habits, and form habits fairly easily.
NOTE: If the Upholder description doesn’t ring quite true to you, you may be an Obliger. Obligers often believe they’re Upholders, because both categories readily meet outer expectations. However, there’s a key difference. Upholders also meet inner expectations, while Obligers struggle to meet them. The key is: how easily do you meet an expectation to yourself? If that’s tough, you’re an Obliger.
I take myself as both - Upholder and Obliger. Why? Sometimes I struggle to meet my inner expectations and it frustrates me.

P/S: Who knows themselves well other than them themselves?

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