Monday, 12 January 2015

TAWC - First Make A Head Meals for 2015

I was supposed to make big batch of frozen meals on the new year's week, but was ill. First time I had tonsillitis and high fever and it was the worse one. So I made my frozen meals on last Sunday.

Every time it will always be chicken, beef and veggies. No fish. I have tried making fish meals and froze them, but after reheat it doesn't taste that good. The fresh taste is gone. So I have to cook it on the day when we wanted to eat it.

I made chicken curry ( 3 packs) , chicken kurma (4 packs), daging masak hitam (3 packs), sambal ikan bilis (4 packs) and bayam (4 packs).

I chopped off everything as early as 8am when both my girls were still sleeping. Sure there were disturbance in between, run here and there to do other stuff. Multitasking. I started cooking at 11am and finished everything including cleaning the mess I made at 1PM. My whole half day spent in the kitchen! So called me time. Heh.

I have to think what fish to cook in between those days. If talking about easy, I just can buy from the food court. Save my time.

Below are the links where I got my recipes:
Kari ayam tanpa santan
Daging masak hitam
Ayam masak kurma
Sambal tumis ikan bilis sama petai (I made without the petai)

Bayam? It is so easy I don't need a recipe for that. HEHE.

As you can see most of my recipe I took from Dapur Tanpa Sempadan where the owner is a MAN! And the second blog I visited the most for recipe is azlitamasammanis.

It was my first time making daging masak hitam, and I am glad that Mr. Fruitheat liked it. I am happy my freezer is full again. 2 weeks meals for the family is DONE.

P/S: I wanted to try the English version of crock pot/slow cooker meals. But will my boy the picky eater eat it?
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