Monday, 16 February 2015

8 Goals for This Week #8 2015 - Starting Something New

I'm inspired and motivated by Crystal Paine of money saving mom 10-weekly-goals blog post on how she sets her goals on weekly basis. I know I needed a little help in setting my life goals too. Lucky I came across her blog the other day while I was bloghopping. It gives me idea to start. *wink*

I do have my working goals, and I realize hey, I need it too in my daily lives. Previously I don’t set any goals and just live life on a meandering, day-to-day basis. I should have done this like 10 years ago?? If I am being asked what I want to do in 5 years time, I would say.. I want to be a successful home director.

I'm putting my goals in four categories: Mothering, Home Management, Personal and Marriage.

As a start, here are my 8 goals for this week:

Hug my children before bedtime.
Remind my son to drink more water.

Home management:
Clean out the bar drawer.
Clean the kitchen window.
Figure out meal plan for week 8 and organize shopping list.

Go to bed at 9.30PM every night.
Drink 2 litre of water everyday.

Say I love you to husband before sleep. (I don't remember when I last said this to him)

We will be having a long holiday here in Malaysia due to Chinese New Year celebration. Our holiday starts from Thursday until Sunday. Who doesn't enjoy long holiday leave out of the office right?

P/S: Sticking to goals can be hard. You can do it! Mind to share what's your goal?
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