Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Lunch Date

I've been reading a lot of articles on the Internet on how to spend more quality time with your partner. We are entering our 5th year and yes, I feel that we do not spend much time with each other. We are more into our children! Everything is about them. HAHA.

After 3 kids, the space between me and my husband are getting bigger. Kurang kasih sayang ye kau Fara?

I have started to have a lunch date with Mr. Fruitheart beginning of the year. I should've done this ages ago, why only now? Blergh. Well, better late than never.

Last month we had lunch at Ben's KLCC and today we had our lunch at Nandos. The best part of our lunch date, I have to sent meeting invite to my own husband and blocked his calendar. He is a busy MAN. He will be busy after this too. But he is not even a CEO. Eh?

As the clock nearing 11.30AM, I have the heebie-jeebies. What the heck? It was like going on a first date. Hands sweating, heart beating faster and oh the smile. HAHA. I am glad I still have it. If not, there would be trouble right?
P/S: Love is always in the air.

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