Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Our Lunch Date

2015 will be our 5th year together. But I only had known to have 'lunch date' with Mr. Fruitheart after three kids! When it was one, we can have our date anytime. After the second one was born, it gets a little bit hard. And when we have our last baby, it become harder. We have three tiny people in between us. HAHA.

Since we are working near each other, we can plan our lunch date. The plan is to have once or twice a month. Yesterday, we had our lunch date at Little Penang Kafe, KLCC. We reached there at around 11.45AM and the place were quite full. Wait till you see the crowd at 12.15PM. People willing to queue for 15 minutes!
He looks slimmer in this picture. He had Jawa mee and ice coffee. He is so into coffee and nescafe now.

And here is the lovely wife. She is forever slim even after three children. I am trying to get 50KG, but the weigh machine still tells me I am 46. Blergh!

I had curry mee and air bandung. That pink coloured water. We had pie tee as side dish, yummy!

Total: RM 49.30
Service Charge 10%: RM 4.25
Government tax 6%: RM 2.55

P/S: GST approching soon, tomorrow 1st April. 6 % GST will be replacing SST - Sales Service Tax. So next time we come here, I want hope I will not see the 10% service charge. *wink*