Monday, 30 March 2015

Short Stay at The Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson

Our first mini holiday for this year. More to come as Mr. Fruitheart promised me. *wink and smile broadly*

We stayed for 1 night at Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson. It was a really nice place to stay. Our room was not ready when we came at 3PM. We have to wait for about 20 minutes. So we enjoyed looking at the yachts. That feeling of rich and famous suddenly came to mind. HAHA.
8th floor, king size bed fits the parents and their 2 small daughters. One extra bed for the boy. He also can fit on the king size bed, but he chose not to sleep with his sisters who will then kick his face. Room is clean, spacious, well furnished and beautifully decorated. We liked it very much. My children loves hotel. So the first thing they did was exploring the room.
At 5PM, we went down to the pool. Unfortunately, it was raining. Everyone was stuck not knowing what to do next. Luckily, there is a Child Room and it was opened. So we had fun doing indoor activities. My boy and girl did sand art, it was RM5 each for the smaller ones. RM10 for the big one. Why can't it be FREE?

They have those Play stations and Nintendo which my boy is so happy to see it. It costs RM20 per session which I said NO. We do not come down here all they way from KL to play with those things I told him. I get the I-wish-I-have-a-cool-mom-who-says-YES kind of disappointment face.
Well, they have fun after all. At 6, it stopped raining and we had our quality time in the pool. And the pool was full with kids - screaming, shouting and splashing water with each other. However, is not that clean, got leaves and I don't know what those small part from the flower tree is called. Bud? It was all over the pool. Love that it is facing the marina where we can see more big boats.
My baby girl doesn't want to wear the swim trainer which I just bought. She thinks she cam swim like a pro! "Nanak!" "Nanak!" (Don't want!) she said. And keep on pulling off the thing. So, Mr. Fruitheart had to hold her.

Beautiful sunset view from our bedroom window. Lovely.
We bought food from the famous night market there for dinner. Dining out with a toddler and a baby is sure going to give a little bit of stress to both of us. We are avoiding those screaming, yelling, frustrating, drinks spilled on the floor and etc. So we decided to buy food from the stalls and eat in our room.

And the next day, I am so thankful that all of them are very well behave at breakfast. Good! Breakfast is OK, variety of food to choose from fried rice, cereals, bread, pastries, salads and western breakfast. The place was full. I don't dare to eat outside after seeing some crows flying over. They were there waiting to grab people's food.
After breakfast, we went to the pool again for about one hour and half before getting ready to check out. Overall, we are satisfied with our stay and definitely will come again.
Last picture, look who's not looking forward to Monday? The smallest. We will have our next holiday my dear children, insyallah.
P/S: We should do this often. Every 3-4 months maybe. Of course, with good planning and within budget.

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