Thursday, 5 March 2015

Son and School

I have reminded my dear self numerous times that it is OK to feel frustrated about something. So that I don't feel lousy or crappy. Or some might tell me, I'm being unreasonably childish.

I am bit frustrated at myself when I can't convince my son to go to his afternoon school. He refused to go because he had misplaced one of his books. It is just a book you can replace it with a new one, I told him. The main issue here is, the teacher who is teaching the subject is the discipline teacher and yeah, I totally understand he is afraid of him. He hates it when someone scolded him. Well who likes it anyway?

He cried yesterday night before sleep, arguing with me and refuse to go to school. Today morning he cried again and told me to inform Mr. Fruitheart about it. If he didn't go to school, daddy will scold him. If he goes to school without the book also he will be scolded. Tersepit anak!

I don't have a very good negotiation skill that can persuade my boy to face the situation no matter what. I feel bad you know. Blergh!

In the afternoon, I received a text message from the daycare saying that my son doesn't want to go school. I just replied, OK. He might be getting a good 'talk' from his daddy later.

P/S: I've been there. I've misplaced my books for couple of times and got scolded. I am still OK.

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