Tuesday, 10 March 2015

TAWC - Short and Simple

So, umm.. my life was full last week. And I have decided to cook simple meals for the family. We still have about a week of our last 2 week's meals. It took me 2 hours from chopping, peeling, washing, cooking and cleaning. Phew! I've been told by my son to slow down and relax, take a breath. HAHA. Well, boy.. that's not gonna happen to your mother. She will not stop until her work is done.
I cooked chicken soup (3 packs), sambal daging (3 packs), sambal ikan bilis (4 packs) and asam pedas ikan kembung for lunch. I still have a batch of ikan kembung and ikan cencaru which still not cooked. I tak tahu macam mana nak siang ikan cencaru! Macam mana nak buang kulit keras itu? Uwaaa!
I'm planning to cook asam pedas ikan cencaru on next weekend. The remaining ikan kembung? Goreng saja.
P/S: I feel like want to buy a slow cooker. What do you think? Yay or nay?

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