Tuesday, 21 April 2015

10 Goals for This Week #17 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goals

I am one day behind my schedule to update my goal for this week. I have been ill since Sunday. I was OK and happy spending time with my children early morning until lunch time. I reached home, did few house chores and the next thing I know my body started aching so I took a nap.. then I got a fever. Seriously? Did I over did something? My stomach doesn't feel good too. I had a pretty bad cough and it hurts my tummy when I am coughing. I suspected that was the cause. I felt something grabbed my inside tummy every time I cough. I had to bend down to bear the pain. And the next day, I was on sick leave. Heh.

I finally finished reading 50 Shades of Grey. After two months. Yeah, it took that long. And I am planning to get myself a new book. After my paycheck of course. HEHE.

Not forgetting, Mr. Fruitheart will be away to Norway on Saturday for one week. It's LONG OK. Boo hoo hoo. As much as I don't want him to go, I have to get used to it. Later when he is a CEO of a company (Insyallah, AMIN!) he might need to fly here and there on business trip. So? I can be a tai-tai and sit at home. HAHA.

I hope my children will be at their best attitude when their daddy is not around. You know, me alone with three children age 11, 3 and 2 year old? Screaming, shouting, messing the toys.. GOD, please give me the highest patience for a week. I have my baby sister coming to stay with us, lucky she agreed to it as long as there is a TV, WIFI and food. *roll eyes* Teenagers.

I didn't get to cook for our two weeks meal as I do not have the mood. Mr. Fruitheart said it is OK, because he knows.. if the wife doesn't feel like cooking, just don't cook. He can sort it out. Or else, the food would be tasteless. HAHA. Yeah, right. So I have to cook everyday next week or buy from outside. Or.. I can ask someone to deliver right to my door. *wink* I have agoodmaid for that.

Here are this week's goals:

Spend less time on chores so I can concentrate on my children.
Buy my husband stuff he needs when he is away.

Home management:
Wash and put clothes away each day except Friday.
Packing my children's unused baby clothes for my sister.
List down grocery items.
Buy stuff for charity event.

Make up the day that I missed fasting on last year's Ramadhan.
Take vitamins and energy drink everyday.
Take 15 minutes doing nothing. (I am really bad at doing nothing)
Search for new book.


Spend at least 15 minutes of quality time with each family members.
List of stuff to pack for husband and kids.
Order cupcakes for May babies birthday.

Home management:

Figure out meal plan for week 16 and organize shopping list.
Cook for our 2 weeks meal.
Call ASTRO to terminate BabyTV channel.
Clear out 2 boxes in the bedroom. (It is still there!)


Make up the day that I missed fasting on last year's Ramadhan.
Continue reading 50 Shades of Grey. (Whew! Still a lot of pages)

Have a good mood EVERYDAY.


P/S: Sticking to goals can be hard. You can do it! Mind to share what's your goal?
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