Monday, 13 April 2015

10 Goals for This Week #16 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goals

Oh Monday why do have to come so fast? You don't like yourself do you? HEHE. Yeah, this is what some of us like when entering new week. That Monday again. Do you know it is already 13th April? Yes, I know.

Last week has been good for me. I finally had my beauty sleep in the afternoon for 2 hours. BAHAHA. Plus it is raining outside, what a bliss. Yes, my girls slept too. Yesterday it was raining heavily until our bedroom flooded. The water came in through the window panel. Bad structure. We've complained, but all they did was touch up here and there. We got really frustrated every time this happened and have planning to sell the house. But where could we get a house that is RM500K at TTDI? *smirk*

I didn't get any day on fasting, it's the time of the month. So I still have 6 days to go. Boo hoo.

Oh I wanted to update on the WOU part. Mr. Fruitheart and I finally registered ourselves into studying again. So we are back as student on July, insyallah. I took English Studies and Mr. Fruitheart took Management. It will be a hell of a ride that's for sure, and I hope we can go through it together. Juggling between full time work, full time parents and part time student. Phew!

Here are this week's goals:

Spend at least 15 minutes of quality time with each family members.
List of stuff to pack for husband and kids.
Order cupcakes for May babies birthday.

Home management:
Figure out meal plan for week 16 and organize shopping list.
Cook for our 2 weeks meal.

Call ASTRO to terminate BabyTV channel.
Clear out 2 boxes in the bedroom. (It is still there!)

Make up the day that I missed fasting on last year's Ramadhan.
Continue reading 50 Shades of Grey. (Whew! Still a lot of pages)

Have a good mood EVERYDAY.


Prepare boy's study schedule.
Plan for May babies birthday.
Hug and say I love you to my children and husband any time of the day.

Home management:
Prepare make a head breakfast.
Wipe dust on shelves and mop the floor.

Clear out 2 boxes in the bedroom.

Make up the day that I missed fasting on last year's Ramadhan.
Continue reading 50 Shades of Grey.

Have 15 minutes of me time every day at home.
Go to WOU open day.


P/S: Sticking to goals can be hard. You can do it! Mind to share what's your goal?

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