Thursday, 9 April 2015

Off To Cambridge

My boy is like his mother, loves to learn English. He showed interest since last year, where he speaks English at home. Although his grammar and pronunciation is not correct, me and Mr. Fruitheart always encourage him by talking back and corrected him. 

Both of us has decided to send him to Cambridge English For Life, TTDI centre. Near to our house just 5 minutes driving. He was so excited and the person teaching him is Mr. Sean. A white guy.

Me: You die la, cannot speak Malay you know. Else, he won't understand.
Boy: And you have to frighten me huh mom?

So far no complaints or whining. Only that he wish he doesn't have to go to afternoon school so he can attend the Thursday class. No one is free to pick him up and send him to the centre on weekdays, that is why I chose weekend class.
I hope enjoy his learning and make new friends. Like A LOT of friends.
I just noticed he is a bit darker in this picture and so skinny too. Boo hoo. Your mother didn't feed you properly is it kiddo?
P/S: I am planning to continue my study too. Soon!

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