Monday, 6 April 2015

TAWC - Maybe I Need A Slow Cooker

I collected a lot of recipes, but I noticed I keep on having the same meals. I've been thinking, do I need a slow cooker? I told Mr. Fruitheart about it and we have not decide yet weather it is wort buying. He asked me what can I cook with the thing. I said, A LOT. HEHE. I can even bake cake with it.

This time around, I cooked paprik daging (3 packs), ayam masak merah (4 packs), chicken curry (2 packs) and mixed veggies (3 packs). I still have ikan kembung which I do not know when I will cook them. Maybe I'll have ikan kembung masak kicap in one of the days.

Above is the new recipe I managed to try out - Chicken Pizza Puff. Originally it is supposed to be pepperoni pizza puff but I do not have any pepperoni. And it doesn't look like the one I saw on the page. Only me and Mr. Fruitheart ate it. Looks like my children like to eat the one we bought from outside. Mommy's cooking doesn't taste good huh kids?


Top: Make a head chicken & scramble eggs wrap for breakfast. I should improve on the way I wrap those.

Bottom: Breakfast delight (new recipe). I froze the thing and we can reheat later.

Now I need to make some research on slow cooker.

P/S: Although my weekend was full, one thing for sure I enjoyed my time cooking.
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