Monday, 11 May 2015

10 Goals for This Week #20 2015 + Update on Last 2 Week's Goals

My days were full of activities for the past weeks. Work has not been that kind too, oh well what else is new. Work will not be less in the upcoming days. Go to work, complete task and go back home. Repeat the same until pay day and spent the money earned wisely. HEHE.

It is still not too late to wish "Happy Mother's Day" to myself and to all mothers out there. This is the first year, I didn't have the chance to say happy mother's day to my beloved mother. It has been 6 months after you left us Mom. I missed you.

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. Cooked for our two weeks meals and cleaned the house. I set my alarm at 6AM, but only started my task at 8AM. It's Sunday, why should you wake up early right?

In the evening, took my children to the park after a month of not stepping their foot there. Unfortunately, the playground is under construction again. It looks like they're building a small hut. My second daughter was frustrated, and lucky there are Giant Bubbles for them to play.

So here are this week's goals:

Print out reading materials for boy.
Spend time with boy during study for exam.
Prepare list of stuff we need for Raya, if any.
Lunch date with husband.

Home management:
Wipe out stains on kitchen sink.
Reorganize herbs and spices into their bottle.

Prepare make a head breakfast.

Make up the day that I missed fasting on last year's Ramadhan.
Have a good mood EVERYDAY.

Prepare documents and stuff for our study.


Go to Toys r us as promised to my boy.
Buy new pair of shoe for baby girl.
Set appointment for my daughters monthly checkup.

Home management:

Wash and put clothes away each day except Thursday and Friday.
Ensure house is in order before leaving it for 4 days.

Make up the day that I missed fasting on last year's Ramadhan.

Buy books for myself and my boy.
List down few things I can do from home.


P/S: Sticking to goals can be hard. You can do it! Mind to share what's your goal?
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