Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Nur Leia Arissa

Last Friday on 22nd May, it was my second daughter's birthday. She is three years old, another four years she will be in primary school. Gosh! They're growing up so fast.

One thing about my second daughter that I noticed now is her bashfulness. Since she was little, she has this one of kind morning attitude, the face and no smile. Unlike her baby sister who is always seem to be happy waking up in the morning. Yeah, each child is different and unique.

Dear Arissa,
Happy birthday to you my beautiful daughter.

You are a smart girl. You have the courage and high determination. You are not afraid to tell us what's on your mind.

"Daddy, please put away your phone. Teach me how to build this doll house."
"Everyone has a phone but I don't have one."
That's what you said when we were on the bed and busy playing with our smart phones. OK. We hear ya girl. HEHE. (Amek kau!)

You showed us your responsibility and loving care towards your baby sister. You protected her very well. Siblings do fight, sometimes but it won't last long. Next one minute, all the three of you were smiling and laughing again. Your daddy told me, just enjoy the moment and embrace the chaos.

You will always remain as my baby no matter what age you are. You will always carry that little piece of my heart and soul with you anywhere you go.

Sometimes we may scold you, sometimes we may also get angry. Sometimes we might nag you, sometimes we might punish you for not behaving properly. But no matter what we do, no matter how annoying we may seem – always remember that whatever we do is because we want you to live out all your dreams.

Your happiness and your success, these are the only two things we want in life and we are doing everything we can to help you get them. I love you so much my dear Arissa.

P/S: We may not have a party for you every year, but your daddy and I will always make sure you get the very best on your birthday. That's our promise.

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