Monday, 18 May 2015

My Bulging Tummy

I looked at myself lately and I am not happy with my bulging tummy. There are few other parts, but let's focus on that first shall we? I not the type who wears tight shirt or dress, but I can still my tummy. I am not pregnant and not have gained weight, but of all my body parts that I wanted a little bigger is NOT my TUMMY!

I am not dreaming to have a six pack but after three kids, it would be lovely to have a flat tummy like 17 years ago. I don't go to the gym, not exercising, not running on tread mil, not doing anything. Yes, that is the problem. Not doing anything. I just sit there wishing the bulging tummy will go away just like that.. whoooshhhh! Off you go!

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I used to do yoga on my own long time ago (3 years ago!). Last only for few weeks. Hangat-hangat tahu ayam! Today I searched for yoga centre in my area TTDI, found few centres and Prana Yoga catches my attention. I told Mr. Fruitheart I think of enrolling myself to yoga class, and he said go for it. I am planning to start after our raya celebration. That is when you ate all the delicious food - rendang, lemang, lontong, ketupat, satay, kuih-muih like there's no tomorrow. And all your friends in FB will post something like this "Ate too much and gained 5KG after fasting month, I need to diet!"

I need to get fit and healthy because my life will be super full - work, family and study. Oh God, please give me high patience and peace of mind. Breath in, breath out.

P/S: We've signed our LO today for the new house we bought in CBJ. Next - S&P.

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