Tuesday, 12 May 2015

TAWC: Simple Meals

It was a hassle when you don't have a ready to eat meal at home. I was supposed to cook for our two weeks meal on the first week of May, but too lazy to go into the kitchen. So we bought outside food instead. Plus, Mr. Fruitheart just came back from Norway and we have a lot of catching up to do.

Last Sunday, I spent three hours in the kitchen. Total of six different meals for two weeks, BRAVO FARA!

3 packs of veggies, 3 packs of chicken tomyam, 2 packs of chicken kurma, 2 packs of spicy beef, 2 packs of black pepper beef and 2 packs of masak lemak udang sama kacang buncis. I made make ahead breakfast for Mr. Fruitheart too - chicken and scramble eggs wrap. Since I will be fasting this week, so nine wraps can cover four days of breakfast.

As for my boy, I made him mini pizza using English muffin and pepperoni. He loves it. Even his friends want some of those. My boy told me maybe I can sell them to his friends. A good idea, but I will think of it I said to him.

Girls? They eat what their parents eat. They will have breakfast and lunch at daycare. They love pasta. I can make it this coming weekend.

P/S: Oh my English!
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