Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Clingy Mom


2. (of a person) too emotionally dependent.
"at about 18 months my son became very clingy"

On clingy mode since Mr. Fruitheart left us last Sunday. It has been five days we are apart. Boo hoo hoo. Today, my brothers and sister decided to go out leaving me alone at home. Since I have to work, they took their nieces and nephew along. Yay! I have my alone time - read that as working and cleaning the house in between.

I was a bit reluctant to let my baby girl go. Afraid that they couldn't handle both. As usual, I am being the over-protective mother. I said to my youngest that she cannot go and have to stay at home with me. And she lay on the floor, protest.

So I told her dad and he said, she should be OK. As long as there is someone holding her. I remind them few times not to let her walk alone and always hold her. I feel like they're so grown up and can be independent without their mom and dad. Awww.. I can't be away from them for too long. And when they came back, I asked them to give their mother a hug and kiss. HAHA. The Clingy Mom!

P/S: I'm the clingy wife and mother, pity them.

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