Friday, 22 May 2015

Yours Truly Birthday

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to Fara.. happy birthday to me!

My birthday was on 20th May and I only have the chance to post about it today. It is also my second daughter Arissa's birthday. She is three years old. Now I feel old as my children's getting bigger. Gosh!

Here's the picture of yours truly on her birthday. Why black and white? So can't see those beautiful ageing (cough) wrinkles. She's never gonna admit she's getting older. Forever 25 at heart she said.

I took a day off on my special day like always. Who wanna work on their birthday anyway? HEHE. I sent my girls to the daycare and my boy to school. I had my breakfast with Mr. Fruitheart near the stall at KWSP Wangsamaju. I needed to submit my application. After sending him to work, I went to the post office to renew my driving license. I didn't know they have upgraded made it like the identification card. So convenient.

I thought of going home after that and plan to go to Ikea. However, Mr. Fruitheart surprised me saying he took half day leave to celebrate. We had lunch at Bangkok House in TTDI. I like the place and always love Thai food. Delicious!

We ordered Som Tam (mango salad), Mr. Fruitheart said it was so-so but I like it. Popia roll for starters. I had tom yam fried rice with chicken and Mr. Fruitheart had fried rice with salted fish. For drinks he had Thai iced coffee and I ordered red ruby, sweet I like.

Birthday presents?

From Mr. Fruitheart.

Below is from my boy. Pen is for me to use when I go to class. How thoughtful.

Thank you Allah for giving me chance to live another day to enjoy this and spend it with my family.

P/S: I am thankful for every wish, gifts and love that I get from everyone.

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