Monday, 22 June 2015

10 Goals for This Week #26 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goals

It's MOOOOONNNDDDAAYY again peeps. And it is the fifth day of Ramadhan. I have already missed four days of fasting. Grrr.. Cycle went wrong again. *SIGH*

On the first day of Ramadhan, we went to Wangsa Maju bazaar and had our break fasting at my MIL's house. I have not seen the price has gone up so far. On second day, we had our break fasting at my father's house. We were supposed to be having our yearly break fasting but plan changed since my sister feels like she's going to be giving birth already. But no, the baby decided to take his own sweet time inside her mom's tummy.

On the third day of Ramadhan, we went to Bdr. Baru Salak Tinggi bazaar. Too many stalls and I find nothing special that I like. Same thing.. popia, chicken rice, fried foods, beriyani, satay and the list goes on. On average we spent RM25 per day. And on Sunday, we went to TTDI bazaar. As expected, samosa is RM1! Sorry, no buying samosa at TTDI. My boy's favourite Uncle Bob chicken is RM7 (in OL, BBST). Rolling chicken (ayam golek) is RM20 (in BBST). Now that would be the first and last we ever bought rolling chicken.

Hurm.. due to GST and the increasing of oil price, some sellers double their price. And as consumer, I need to choose wiser and spend smarter. Budget RM20 per day for spending at the bazaar should be enough. In other words, YOU SHOULD COOK Fara!

Here are this week's goals:

Make a detailed weekly schedule with all appointment written out. (Forgetful lady)
Take one subject for homeschooling the kids.
Plan a break fasting date with husband.

Home management:
Set appointment with cleaner company to clean the house.
List down grocery items.

Take at least 15 minutes a day to read the holy Al-Quran.
Perform Tarawih prayer.
Continue reading Chelsea Wives. (Still 5 pages).


Ensure my children drink at least 500ml of water everyday.

Plan a 'buka puasa' session with my family.

Home management:
Take 10 minutes each day to clean only one part of the house.

Continue reading Chelsea Wives. (Only 5 pages after a week).
Search for new job opportunity.
Have a good mood EVERYDAY.


P/S: Sticking to goals can be hard. You can do it! Mind to share what's your goal?

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