Thursday, 18 June 2015

A Mother's First World Problem

I was going through my Facebook time line and saw this post from Money Saving Mom. I couldn't agree more. It is so ME! Then I tagged Mr. Fruitheart, he replied.. sooooo true with a ghost icon. Not a surprise ey? 

A lot of times we've been talking about being away on vacation without the kids. Mr. Fruitheart said, what's the worse can happen to our children? He even added, they would be even more happier with no-yelling-mummy around. Sobs sobs. Hashtag - theclingymom.

My numero uno concern is of course WHO can and willingly to take care of my kids. We do not have a maid. My MIL already said Nooooooooooo which automatically my FIL said no too. HEHE. My father is still working on alternate shift, so does my other siblings. The only one left is my sister who is soon going to give birth. Not like I'm going tomorrow. Heh. By the time I am going for a holiday, my nephew is already a big boy.

Taking care of additional three children and two of her own is NOT going to be easy. But, my kids are well-behaved when they're with my sister. She's what they called TIGER MOM. Even her daughter is afraid of her. HAHA. Fierce more than me. Mr. Fruitheart said, then it is one good thing if our kids stay with their aunt. Of course, I need to find someone else to help her. But who?

The second thing is yes, the image says it all. I am SO GONNA MISS my children. I said it many times, I need maybe 10 minutes alone. But after that, I'll be thinking about them, talked about them even when it is not needed. Just to keep me remembering them whenever I go. I feel like if I don't do any of those, I am a bad mom. HAHA.

It is not going to be so bad after all Fara. They will be just fine. It is just that, you are not ready to let them go and not ready to be apart from them. Maybe when my youngest is four years old, then I'll have my vacation alone with Mr. Fruitheart in PARIS!.

P/S: 10th anniversay location PARIS!

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