Thursday, 11 June 2015

Just The Four of Us - Day 19th

I looked back at my post and I noticed there isn't a post about the first day or day after when Mr. Fruitheart is away. Wow! My life is so full that I forgot. It has been 19 days he is away to India. He will be back on Sunday 14th June. Another three days to go.

Me and my kids are staying at my father's house while Mr. Fruitheart is away. Since it is school holiday and my baby sister has continued her study, there's no one that can stay with me at my house. So I have to bring everyone to Banting and take turn in taking care of my kids. I went to the office early morning and continue working from home in the afternoon. Right now, I wish I didn't take back my resignation letter and just proceed with my plan. :(

My kids are so happy staying at their grandfather's house. They have their uncles and aunties entertaining them. Thanks to technology, we can have facetime session everyday.

I hope this will be the last time Mr. Fruitheart has to travel. The kids really missing their father and I'm missing my husband a lot! There are some things that makes me unhappy and there are people who just had to make it worse.

I am still thankful me and my kids manage to go through the day with the help of my other siblings. I might go crazy without their help.

P/S: I am busy looking for new job. *SMILE*

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