Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Small Surprise for My Boy

I such a bad mom, I lied to my child. On 30th May, I planned a surprised birthday party for my boy. I told everyone except him that it is a small party for his aunt. He bought it! He really didn't know until it was cake cutting time.

I even asked him to change his clothes and he still didn't know. I am such a great actress.

I baked the cake by myself. It is an instant cake, just mixed eggs, water and vegetable oil. Walla! You have a cake. Sorry my dear son, I lied and the cake was not as you expected. He wanted BR ice cream cake. I didn't have time to go and buy it. Plus, everyone else is also working.

My sister helped me to cook fried rice and oglio olio. There's finger foods as well - chicken nuggets and drummet for the kids to enjoy. I called few of my aunties to join too. They were also excited about the bouncer. Sorry, it is for kids only.

The bouncer cost me RM360 for 3 hours (including delivery). They had fun and really enjoy. Some of my cousins also told me to rent the bouncer in future if I plan to have a birthday party.

The only person missing is his daddy. He was in India for work. But he is back now. He told me he will rent the bouncer for our youngest birthday party in November. Location? Unknown. Party? Undecided.

P/S: Planning a surprise for someone is not that easy when it comes to ka-ching!

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