Thursday, 9 July 2015

Our Berbuka Puasa Date - Chinoz KLCC

Our berbuka puasa date was on June 27th. It took me almost 3 weeks to update. Sheesh. Life has really been full and lazy me huh? How to be efficient blogger like this? HEHE.

My sister in law was in charged of taking care the kids while we were away. It's only four hours Fara, chill. Nothing serious happened OK? They had fun. You just gotta let go slowly. Alright.. alright.. I hear ya head. Please talk to the heart when you have time OK. Conflict between the head and heart.

We had our breakfasting date at Chinoz KLCC. We wanted to eat at either Madam Kwan or Chakri Palace. It was 4PM and all were already fully booked! So we had to choose Chinoz.

The husband's portion - Chicken
Geez. I do not remember the dish name. I have lost the receipt too.

The wife's portion - Beef
Dessert is so yummy
Overall, it was a OK. Average. Not that good not that bad. The most important thing, we enjoyed our moment together without the kids. However, there will always a conversation about the kids when we are together. HAHA. So what do you actually talk when you are alone with your partner?

P/S: Searching for a topic to talk with your spouse. Heh.

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