Monday, 24 August 2015

Mr. Fruitheart's 34th Birthday

Mr. Fruitheart's birthday was on 17th Aug. And, I only got the chance to update it today. So much to tell, with so little time. He couldn't have an off day on Monday, so we celebrated the next day. All I can say, he had a wonderful celebration with me, his beloved wife. *Grin*

We started off the day with breakfast at La Bodega, Jln. Telawi. I had a big breakfast which I couldn't believe I finished it. I must be so hungry then.

After we are done with breakfast, we headed home. While Mr. Fruitheart went to the gym, I took the chance cleaning the house. Phew! I should have just read my book right? Can't just let the house in a mess eh Fara? We went out again for lunch, yes peeps a day full of eating. We had lunch at Tony Roma's, because Mr. Fruitheart feels like having a steak that day. Your wish is my command honey!

Chicken soup and shrimp scampi pasta for me. Oh yes, I finished it all. I think my husband had the New York strip. He loved it. Oh and we saw Mr. Hans Isaac there too. He had lunch with his friends. He's TALL!

Then we went for a movie, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. I would give 6/10.

End of the day, pick up the kids and went home. There was no cake for Mr. Fruitheart this year. Presents? I gave him a card three days before his big day, a leather sling bag (can't afford to buy Burberry, HEHE) and lastly a watch. Boy gave his daddy a birthday card which I bought. Girls, oh they just wish their daddy a happy birthday.

On Friday, we had a small celebration at my in laws house. Bought some KFC, pizza and chicken satay. We have two people celebrating their birthday in August, Mr. Fruitheart and my sister in law. Since we have small kids that couldn't sit still for 10 minutes, we decided to just have a 'makan-makan' at home. Great idea.

Honey, I wish you once again.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May Allah bless your life with love and prosperity. May Allah fill your life with endless happy moments, countless wonderful surprises and infinite success. I hope and pray that Allah will guide you all your life, and to care take of you every time. I love you honey! (

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