Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Family Vacation 2015 - Krabi Day 1

The day we have been waiting for so long. Family vacation.
Our flight was at 7AM on Monday morning. Since my nephew had chicken pox, we couldn't stay at my father's house and drove from there. Woke up at 3AM and drove all the way from TTDI to KLIA2. Met my brother there and he took our car home.

My children were so excited about this trip. It was my girls first time boarding on an aeroplane. Few times they only sent their daddy, now everyone are together and no one gets left behind. We had breakfast at McD an hour before we onboard.

Inside the aeroplane, my girls won't sit still. At one time my first daughter wanted to sit near the window, next she wanted me and next she wanted her daddy. My baby girl wanted to watch play doh on the Macbook. There are crying, fighting and screaming. Phew! I totally forgot to take out the M&Ms or the cookies I bought. Frustrated at myself. You better prepare yourself when it is time to go back Fara.

Our journey took about one hour and ten minutes. We reached Krabi Airport and the person who were supposed to pick us up is not there. We waited for about half an hour. Mr. Fruitheart booked a taxi from the Expedia website. It costs us RM200 (to and fro). They better be at the hotel lobby on time when we are leaving. The person in charge apologised and explained to us that they had some issues with Internet connection. And they didn't get our email confirmation. Hmmm..
It took us about half an hour to reached Holiday Inn Krabi. We waited for an hour for our room. Standard check in time is at 3PM. But we got lucky because we have kids. Their staff were friendly and nice. There was not even a person who did not smile. Sawadikap! We liked the hotel and no we didn't get the room on the ground floor. The pool is just right after the balcony. Safety reason. Don't want the kids to jump into the 1.3M pool. We got the 3rd floor instead.
After settling down, we had our first lunch at one of the shop near the hotel. 5 minutes walk. We have been told that 90% of the population are Muslim. It was not that hard to find halal food. And it was easy to find snacks and other things too because there were lots of shops near the hotel, Family Mart is like 7 Eleven in Malaysia. We went for a short walk along the roadside and booked a half day tour for the next day with one of the tuk tuk's driver. Wait for the update!

My kids couldn't wait until 4PM that they decided to invade the pool at 1PM. It was scorching hot! They were excited to see the slides and playground. Yeah, it would be a waste to sit inside the room and not spending time at the pool. The weather was very nice. Oh, I forgot to mentioned that our hotel is facing the sea.

They really liked the pool and only came out from it 3 hours later. They continued playing inside the room and fell asleep at 7.30PM local time. We didn't even had dinner. Exhausted to the max. Only Mr. Fruitheart went out for dinner.

P/S: As I am writing this, we have one day left to spend in Krabi. Vacation going to end soon. Sobs.

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