Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Just The Four of Us - Day 2

Mr. Fruitheart has been away for two days.

Boy - nothing much happen to him. School, homework, played with his iPad, helped mom to take care of his sisters and he sleeps in the master bedroom. Save electricity.

Girl - She cried when the immigration officer took her thumb print. She created a scene in the department like she did on last Saturday. Early morning today, she has fever and became so clingy. Whole day laying on the sofa, temperature 36-37 'C.

Baby - She throw up when we almost reached home yesterday evening. She drank a lot of milk, 16oz in an hour. Then she drank iced MILO. Before I can put her diaper on, she peed in front of the fridge. She managed to talked with her daddy and cried saying want to follow him to India (already in India).

Me - Working from home today to take care of my sick daughter and did not send boy to school. I did not have proper sleep and to make it worse, I fell down the toilet while bathing my baby. I slipped and my back hit the toilet bowl until it's cover fell off.

Others: Mr. Fruitheart's pet goldfish died. Not 1 but 2! I do not know what actually happened. The first one died when I came back from work, and the other one today. I saw it swimming it's head down. Almost dying and no I do not know how to save a fish. Are they sad their master is away too?

So much happened in just two days. I've been warned by my husband to be extra careful since I am alone taking care of my children. If I cannot handle, I shall stay with my in laws. That's for sure.

Will the doc give me an MC until Friday if I visit her? She might suggest to me to go for an x-ray test. *Cries*

P/S: I SHOULD take everything slow and steady. No rushing.

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